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Occupy Irony
Occupy Irony

While stopping by UC Davis to shoot some video on the current Occupy movement on campus, I decided to whip out my Android phone and snap this picture.

I just couldn't help it!

You see this piece of modern art in the foreground: a laughing face positioned upside down.

In the background you see the occupiers at the foot of Mrak Hall... they look tiny.

What does this picture say?

For whatever reason, this is what popped in my brain...

The statue/face symbolizes the "1 percent," and as you can see, he is laughing at the "99 percent."

I'm am neither pro or con when it comes to the Occupy momevment... as a journalist, I'm really tired of telling their story... I'm over it.

As a civil liberties supporter, I think many of the Occupy ideals make a ton of sense, and I will continue to fight for their right to assemble and demonstrate... I just hope I don't get assigned to cover any more Occupy events. It's just gotten too monotonous.

What does this picture symbolize to you?


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