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Women found guilty of Woodland carjacking and theft

The Yolo County District Attorney's Office announced Monday that a Woodland woman charged with stealing a local man's car while he left the engine running in the driveway was convicted of carjacking, robbery and auto theft. And Marissa Price's accomplice, Vanessa McKee-Salazar, also of Woodland, was found guilty of auto theft and grand theft.

The district attorney said witnesses testified at trial that Price, 19, and McKee-Salazar, 23, were riding their bikes about 6 o'clock the morning of Nov. 8, 2014, when they saw the victim's car unattended. As the pair moved to drive off with the car, the victim, hearing voices, ran out because he thought his 9-year-old daughter was in the car. The victim and his daughter had been getting ready to hang flags in downtown Woodland for Veterans Day, according to the D.A.'s office.

Teen arrested in connection to Dixon homicide; vigil held for victim


A small town community is in shock after a teenager was gunned down at a Dixon park. Police said the suspect was also a teen.

The incident marks Dixon's first homicide since 2008.

The family identified the victim as 17-year-old Charlie Moore, Jr.

Grief-stricken relatives embraced one another at Dixon's Northwest Park. A memorial now sits there where the teen was fatally shot.

"He's just a sweet kid. We love him. He'll be missed but he's still with us," said Katrina Partida, the victim's grandmother.

UC Davis vet called to rescue wildlife around the world

He didn't get to celebrate Christmas with his family last year -- UC Davis Veterinarian Dr. Mike Ziccardi was called away on Dec. 22 to the Mongla region of Bangladesh to help more than 800 species of animals threatened by an oil spill.

The world's largest mangrove forest was at the heart of a 92,000-gallon oil spill caused by a tanker-freighter crash. The mangrove forest is home to 20 species of globally protected animals.

Ziccardi, head of the school's "Oiled Wildlife Network," joined other scientists from around the world to come up with a plan to save the region's oil-drenched wildlife. He is the man to call when wildlife needs help.

"Anywhere in the world if assistance is needed, we're one of 10 international organizations that are leaders in this field," Ziccardi said. "So we may get a call at times depending on what the needs are."

Woman riding bike runs red light, struck by car in Vacaville

A woman riding a bike ran a red light Wednesday morning and was struck by a car, according Vacaville's public information officer Mark Mazzaferro.

The incident closed down the eastbound lanes of Elmira Road at Shasta Drive. The lanes are expected to be closed for the next several hours due to the investigation, according to police.

Roasting coffee ... by bike!

Davis is one of America's best bike cities. Bikes are everywhere. That may be why Alex Roth rides an old Schwinn for a living. He's the "Pepper Peddler."

Roth used to roast peppers and never changed the company name. On his rickety stationary bike, with the assist of propane, Roth pedal-powers a giant steel drum. Inside, coffee beans roast. A low cost, environmentally friendly way to run a coffee business.

How Davis is this?

Roth described his roasting drum as a "glorified dryer. Clothes dryer, basically. Tumbling the coffee in there."

Roth has been peddling coffee behind an industrial warehouse for eight years. He sublets a small space from a bakery to save money.

Davis Police seek help in finding at-risk missing pregnant woman

Davis police were looking for help in locating a missing woman who's seven months pregnant.

She was considered at risk due to medical conditions and her pregnancy, according to Davis police officer Tom Waltz.

Waltz said Julia Watson, 29, went for a walk Saturday night after an argument with her family and never returned.

Waltz said Watson called her father Sunday night and told him she was OK, but did not tell her father where she was.

She was described as a white, 5 feet tall, 85 pounds with blond hair and brown eyes. Watson was last seen wearing a long yellow rain jacket and she was holding a bed sheet, according to police. She was last seen near Anderson Road and Corona Drive.

If you see Waltz, please call Davis police at (530) 747-5400.

Davis police release 911 call of murder-suicide case

It's a chilling 911 phone call that lasts just 56 seconds.

Davis police said during the call 23-year-old Joseph Hein told the dispatcher exactly what officers and paramedics will find when they arrive at the duplex he shared with his roommate 27-year-old Whitney Engler.

The dispatcher was unaware that when Hein called, he had just shot Engler to death, and was about to turn the gun on himself.