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Cat gets eyelids thanks to surgery at UC Davis

Born without eyelids, 9-month-old cat Billie underwent surgery at UC Davis two months ago. Today, she is healed and can safely see.

Billie suffered from eyelid agenesis – she couldn't close her eyes completely and hair in the area constantly irritated and inflamed her eyes.

At UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, ophthalmologists had to conduct transplant surgery in order to give Billie eyelids. Vets removed tissue from the cat's cheek and lips and transplanted it as eyelids.

When Billie came back for her one-week checkup, both grafts appeared to be healing well. After two weeks, Billie's stitches were removed and the swelling had gone down. At her two-month appointment, Billie was able to blink both eyes. Hair that was clipped before the surgery had grown back and away from her eyes.

UPDATE: Off-ramps reopened in Davis after protest

Several Interstate 80 and Highway 113 off-ramps in Yolo County were closed part of Monday afternoon by the California Highway Patrol in response to a demonstration.

The city of Davis Facebook page said the protest was peaceful.

The affected off-ramps were Olive Drive and Russell Boulevard from westbound and eastbound I-80 and the northbound and southbound Russell Boulevard off ramps from Highway 113.

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Thousands get access to food thanks to Yolo County Food Bank

About 47,000 people depend on the Yolo County Food Bank for food each month. The nonprofit is part of the Big Day of Giving (Big DoG) event Tuesday and wants to raise money to tackle hunger issues in Yolo County.

"Hunger in rural areas is typically higher than the national average. Unfortunately, Yolo County is no exception," the Yolo County Food Bank states on its website.

Yolo County is part of a prominent agricultural region, but thousands of people – including children – are food insecure. The food bank organizes several programs like the Kids Farmers Market Program and the Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP) to help alleviate hunger in the community.

Dozens of bronze vases stolen from cemetery; 3 suspects arrested

Approximately 90 bronze vases adorning grave markers at a Woodland cemetery were reported stolen by cemetery personnel April 15.

The vases at Monument Hill Memorial Park were valued at over $200 each, according to the cemetery.

"It's hard to explain to the families when they come in. Some of them are upset," said Lyle Tippetts, family services counselor at Monument Hill Memorial Park.

The Yolo County Sheriff's Office was informed of the theft and investigators alerted area recyclers to be on the lookout for the vases, Sgt. Hernan Oviedo said.

The next day, Green Zone Recycle contacted the sheriff's office to say they had a customer who was trying to cash in cut-up pieces of bronze believed to be from approximately 20 of the vases.

Oviedo said detectives arrested the customer, 22-year-old Kristen Farnham, for possession of stolen property.

Vigil for Nepal held at UC Davis

UC Davis students stood in solidarity with those affected in Saturday's massive earthquake in Nepal.

More than 100 people attended a vigil at Davis' Memorial Union Thursday night to show their support. The quake has directly impacted several students on campus.

"I have not been studying for a week because every day I wake up, there is news," computer science student and Nepal native, Bimala Bogati said.

The latest update now has the death toll at more than 6,100.

"I know a lot of people have lost a lot of families," Sabina Dahkal said.

The Sac State student moved from Nepal to the U.S. when she was 15 years old. Eight of her relatives died in the earthquake and half of the people in her village are now homeless.

"My grandparents, they don't have a house anymore," she said.

Vehicle crushed by freight train near Davis

A vehicle was crushed by a freight train near I-80 and Mace Boulevard according to California Highway Patrol.

The accident happened on County Road 32-A at County Road 105 at the railroad crossing. No details were given on the type of car or the number of people involved in the accident.

Yolo County Sheriff's office, Union Pacific Police, California Highway Patrol, Yolo Coroner and Davis Fire Department were all on scene to investigate.

UC Davis students get crash course on LinkedIn

Students at UC Davis got some job seeking tips from professional networking giant LinkedIn.

The world's largest professional network helps connects users with potential recruiters. During Tuesday's pilot event, participating students got a chance to spruce up their profiles.

In this day in age of social media, profile head shots are everything – and for professional networking sites, a killer head shot could be the difference between standing out or being passed up for that dream job.

"Having a profile photo makes you 14 times more likely to be viewed on LinkedIn," LinkedIn corporate communications manager Crystal Braswell said. "Over 80 percent of opportunities are actually found through networking, online networking and in person networking, so if you don't have a LinkedIn profile, you're missing out on opportunities for new jobs."