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Davis city officials seek public input to improve downtown safety

DAVIS, Calif. -- It's been a rough year for many cities across Northern California when it comes to violent crime, but one is trying a variety of methods to keep their streets safe.

Davis recently expanded their moratorium on bars and nightclubs to next Fall.

Police said they want to take a time-out allowing new bars or nightclubs in downtown while they continue to make safety improvements. City officials want input from residents during the process.

Back in August, a 23-year-old Southern California man was stabbed to death in an unprovoked attack by alleged gang members, according to officers.

Ever since that burst of violence, Davis PD has made keeping downtown safe priority one.

Wednesday night, there will be a community discussion regarding downtown safety. Residents we talked to said they have suggestions they’d like to see implemented.

Moratorium on Davis bars and nightclubs extended by nearly 9 months

DAVIS, Calif. -- The Davis City Council voted Tuesday night to extend the moratorium on bars and nightclubs. 

Originally, the moratorium was only supposed to last 45 days. It has been expanded by eight and a half months according to Davis Police. Officers plan to use the time to focus on making any necessary safety improvements. 

The ordinance followed the fatal stabbing of a 23-year-old man. The attack happened at a Thai restaurant that turns into a night club after the peek dinner hours. Police said the victim did not provoke the attack and believe those responsible were gang members.

Blondie’s Pizza representatives have spoken out against this, but officials with the City of Davis confirm they were granted a hard exemption in October. 

Traffic Amnesty Program Offers Hope to Thousands of Californians

Traffic Amnesty Program Offers Hope to Thousands of Californians

Long seen as a rite of passage for teenagers, a driver’s license represents far more than that to most Californians.  A valid driver’s license is a vital link to employment, independence and long-term individual and family stability.  For those with unpaid traffic and non-traffic infraction tickets, however, insurmountable court fines have led to the loss of the privilege to drive, leaving little realistic hope of ever climbing out of the abyss.

UC Davis veterinarians help penguin with cataracts

Doctors at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine performed a rare surgery on a Monterey Bay Aquarium penguin on Tuesday.

The penguin had suffered from cataracts since she was three month old, making her uninterested in interacting with other penguins.

In the surgery, doctors used an ultrasonic probe to fragment the the cataract in the birds very small eye.

Police looking for 3 suspects who allegedly raped UC Davis student

Davis police are investigating an alleged sexual assault of a UC Davis student that happened early Friday morning in the vicinity of Community Park. They are looking for three men who are allegedly involved.

Investigators say the student met the men at Bistro 33, about 11 blocks away from the park. "We don't know if she left or was somehow taken," Lt. Paul Doroshov with Davis police said.

Bistro 33 is a popular spot on Thursday nights for students. "It's this thing called  'Mojito Night,' where everyone comes to socialize and meet people," Lauren Copeland, a student at UC Davis told ABC10.  "It is the only thing that happens in Davis on a Thursday night," she said. 

Jeopardy clue crew visits U.C. Davis

U.C. Davis for 100 please.

Jeopardy will be visiting U.C. Davis for a series of video clues that will be on the show starting Wednesday, October 21.

Categories include veterinary medicine (Oct. 21), viticulture and enology (Nov. 12) and brewing on a date that has not yet been announced.

The Clue Crew came to Davis after one of its members, Jimmy McGuire, met an alumni from the U.C. Davis Extensions Master Brewers Program, Trevor Davies, and tasted his homemade cider.

Tune into ABC and try your best to guess the correct answer.

Davis officials reconsider moratorium on new downtown bars

DAVIS, Calif. -- Discussions on the city's 45 day moratorium are set to continue Tuesday night at a Davis City Council council meeting. Police said they anticipate talking about the next steps. They hope to come up with solid plans moving forward.

The moratorium came days after a fatal bar stabbing last month. The suspects have alleged gang ties.

Davis police said they wanted the moratorium to re-evaluate how to make downtown as safe as possible.

The moratorium did not impact existing establishments, but did halt Blondie's Pizza in the process of opening near G and 3rd. Representatives from the business spoke out against the moratorium at a previous meeting.