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Innovation Funds “Lift” Yolo County Mental Health Providers | Health

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Innovation Funds “Lift” Yolo County Mental Health Providers
Innovation Funds “Lift” Yolo County Mental Health Providers

(Woodland, CA) – The Yolo County Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Department is pleased to announce implementation of the Innovation Component of its Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Plan, aptly named “The LIFT,” which infuses more than $800,000 into the following mental health nonprofit provider agencies for the prevention of mental illness and early intervention and treatment: 

  • EMQ FamiliesFirst, Inc. will use the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) assessment method to train up to 150 mental health services providers of children and youth.
  • Mental Health America of Northern CA will provide training on understanding and accepting youth who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning.
  • Telecare Corporation will use the Common Ground computer program to help clients better participate in their medical treatment planning.
  • Yolo Family Service Agency will expand its Incredible Years family counseling program to train practitioners who serve 6 to 12 year olds.  Currently, the program serves ages 0 to 5 only.
  • Wayfarer Christian Mission, with support from Yolo Community Care Continuum, will launch four different job training options for adult consumers, including food safety certification, health aide training, sales clerk experience and farming.
  • CommuniCare Health Centers, Inc. will enhance its Integrated Behavioral Health program that services the poor/low-income, to provide intermediate mental health treatment.
  • Yolo Community Care Continuum, with support from the Wayfarer Christian Mission’s Greater Access Program (GAP) program, will assist homeless and indigent mentally ill adults without benefits, to access housing, services, treatment and benefits.
  • Turning Point Community Program - Free to Choose will serve the seriously mentally ill clients who also have a co-occurring substance use disorder, emphasizing the choices of sobriety and stability.

In Yolo County, the MHSA (Proposition 63) funds 17 direct service and prevention programs, workforce education and training, advancements in information technology, transitional housing for consumers, and more.  For more information, call Joan Beesley, MHSA Coordinator, at (530) 666-8536.


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