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City set to begin annual water quality flushing

City set to begin annual water quality flushing

VACAVILLE - The City of Vacaville Public Works Department is conducting its annual citywide water quality flushing program. The program begins Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2011 and is expected to continue for approximately eight to 12 weeks. The flushing program helps the city maintain high water quality service to consumers in Vacaville.

City crews will begin flushing in the general area of Peabody Road south of Alamo Drive and in the direction towards Foxboro Drive.

Since the initial 1993 flushing, few customers have noticed problems with water quality during the flushing process. However, there may be a few short-term side effects. These temporary effects could include silt or colored water at the tap and a temporary drop in pressure. In addition, air may be introduced into the system giving water a milky-white coloring. This will subside within 24 hours after flushing.