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Documents show chemicals seized at UCD researcher's home

SACRAMENTO, CA - David Snyder kept quiet and calm in court as he faced 10 counts of possessing firearms and explosives at his arraignment Thursday.

The UC Davis researcher was arrested after an explosion at his campus apartment. When police searched the home, they found firearms and explosives, according to court documents. Synder has been out on bail since February. 

Outside the courthouse, Snyder's attorney spoke on his client's behalf.

"I'm sorry, Dr. Snyder's not making a comment. We would just indicate that we look forward to participating in the criminal justice process so that Dr. Snyder can clear his name," Snyder's attorney said.

Court documents detailed the evidence collected in the investigation. Snyder had multiple firearms and ammunition banned from campus housing. But, the list of chemicals found scattered throughout the apartment was even more disturbing to those who know exactly what those chemicals can do.

Davis man says he was attacked because he is gay

Davis man says he was attacked because he is gay

DAVIS, CA - The victim of a presumed hate crime is speaking out, hoping what happened to him will never happen to anyone else.

Mikey Partida, 32, of Davis, was leaving a relative's home early Sunday morning when a man started harassing him and calling him a gay slur.

Partida ignored the man and kept walking.

"I was just trying to make the right choice in a bad situation," he said from his hospital bed at the UC Davis Medical Center.

Unfortunately, Partida forgot his keys and had to go back, that's when the suspect attacked.

"I heard him, personally, yelling slurs at him," Partida's cousin Vanessa Turner said. "I know it was unprovoked."

"He just continued, getting closer and closer, and then he just punched me," Partida explained.

The slur used begins with the letter "F" and is a nasty term for homosexuals. Partida said the attacker was saying it over and over again while beating him.

Solano County woman convicted of torture, murder

FAIRFIELD, CA (AP) - A Solano County jury has convicted a 32-year-old woman of torture and first-degree murder in the death of a Fairfield man who she suspected of stealing a laptop computer and game console from her home.

The Vacaville Reporter reports that Ryan S. Bigoski Odom of Fairfield was found guilty Friday in the May 2011 beating and execution-style slaying of 29-year-old Keith Erick Osby Jr.

Odom could be sentenced to life in prison without parole at her June 3 sentencing.

Prosecutors say Odom directed another woman to call Osby to her home, where he was beaten by two men, bound with tape and driven to Vallejo, where he was shot in the head.

Odom is the first of several suspects to be tried in connection with Osby's death.


15-year-old girl booked for attempted burglary

FAIRFIELD, CA - Fairfield police are crediting an alert resident with thwarting two would-be burglars in a daytime burglary attempt Friday morning.

In a news release, the Fairfield Police Department reported that a resident was home alone when two people began ringing the doorbell. The resident, not recognizing the people, saw them through the peephole and didn't answer the door.

The bell continued a few times, but then ceased. A short time later, the resident noticed a man in the backyard attempting to open the rear slider with an object. At that point, according to the press release, the resident yelled at the man causing him and his accomplice to leave the area. 

Fairfield police were called and responded to the area where they came upon two people walking near Hickory Avenue and Pecan Circle. Both were later identified by the homeowner as the people from the house.

Vallejo teacher convicted of raping student aide

VALLEJO, CA (AP) - A former Vallejo special-education teacher has been found guilty of raping and impregnating his developmentally disabled student aide.

A Solano County jury on Thursday convicted Jerry Johnson of Elk Grove of one count of rape of a person incapable of consenting due to mental and developmental disabilities.

The Vallejo Times-Herald reports the 57-year-old Johnson faces up to 11 years in prison at his April sentencing.

Johnson's attorney had argued the sexual relationship was consensual and legal.

Prosecutors say the 20-year-old victim has the intellect of a 7-year-old. She worked as a student aide at a Vallejo elementary school.

Johnson was arrested in June 2011 after the victim's mother discovered her daughter was pregnant. The child is now 14 months old, and DNA evidence shows Johnson is the likely father.

HAZMAT returns to UC Davis researcher's apartment

DAVIS, CA - FBI agents and UC Davis police returned to the home of a UC Davis researcher who is accused of causing an explosion at an apartment complex in February.

Authorities were at David Snyder's apartment on 515 Sycamore Lane Thursday night, after they got new information connected to their investigation, UC Davis police spokesperson Andy Fell said.

People in HAZMAT suits were seen going into the apartment; several police officers and fire crew members were also at the scene. Fell said some items were removed from the home, but did not elaborate on specifics because the case in part of an ongoing investigation.

Man wanted in Fairfield burglaries

Man wanted in Fairfield burglaries

FAIRFIELD, CA - A man wanted on two felony warrants for burglaries and a suspect in others is sought by Fairfield police.

The suspect is Justin Ryan Ortiz, 31. He is 5 foot 10 inches tall, weighs 250 pounds and has black hair and brown eyes.

Investigators believe Ortiz is connected to a rash of local burglaries.

The Fairfield Police Department says Ortiz' last known address was in Orange County but he has ties to Sacramento and the Bay Area.

Anyone with information regarding Ortiz or his whereabouts was asked to contact the police department's Major Crimes Unit at (707) 428-7600 or the tip-line at (707) 428-7345.