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Animal rights group to protest at UC Davis

DAVIS, CA - An animal rights group out of Ohio claimes that a UC Davis monkey was found dead hanging by a bungee cord and that the corpse of another was left untended long enough to develop maggots.

Stop Animal Exploitation Now is in the midst of what it bills as the "Open the Cages Tour,' with a planned stop at the UC Davis Primate Center on Thursday. Other protest sites have included San Diego and Los Angeles.

For its part, UC Davis issued the following statement Wednesday:

"Animals housed at the California National Primate Research Center receive the best veterinary care, and the research program is strictly regulated by law. The faculty and staff who work with animals are committed to high quality care and animal welfare."

UC Davis also cited the advances it has made in its research for the treatment of HIV/AIDS, autism and alzheimer's.

And the "Kids Reading to Pets" Sweepstakes Contest Winner is...

And the "Kids Reading to Pets" Sweepstakes Contest Winner is...

Last month News10 My Neighborhood gave a shout out to our communities and ask you to send us a picture of a child reading to a pet. The pictures were then put into our photo gallery article and the names were submitted into our random drawing, where the winner was to receive a prize.

PHOTOS: Kids Reading to Pets

This contest was part of News10's Reading Connects campaign, which is our effort at improving the literacy rate in our area.

Research has shown that children's reading skills improve when they read to their pets, hence the inspiration for this contest.

The winner of our "Kids Reading to Pets" sweepstakes contest random drawing was Jill, who submitted a picture of her son, Devin, reading to his dog, Jake.

Devin was around a year old when the

Chefs lead fight against Calif. foie gras ban

SAN FRANCISCO - Diners are lining up to get their last bit of foie gras at Santa Monica's Mélisse restaurant, where chef Josiah Citrin is offering a "Foie for All" five-course tasting menu.

"We're super busy," maitre d' Matthew Greenberg says. "About 30% of our guests are ordering foie gras."

Other California restaurants are also seeing a rise in orders of the gourmet duck liver, a delicacy that will become illegal to sell in the state on July 1.

Critics object to how the ducks and geese are raised: Three-month-old birds are force-fed by inserting a tube in their throat and pouring in grain. Over the two- or three-week feeding period before slaughter, the birds' livers enlarge from 3 ounces to about a pound and a quarter. More than a dozen countries ban the practice.

Botulism caused deaths of duck, geese at Marysville lake

MARYSVILLE, CA - The death of more than 20 ducks and geese at Lake Ellis was determined to be caused by Botulism, according to California Fish and Game.

The birds were found dead along the shoreline of the lake in the end of April.

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A drake Mallard that was found dead by Marysville police was taken to UC Davis for a necropsy, Capt. Mike Wilson said. Scientists found the duck died of avian botulism.

Wilson said the birds were most likely exposed to the botulism by people feeding them.

"While people enjoy the opportunity to feed the ducks; bread, chips, pretzels, etc. the effects can be very hazardous for the wildlife," Wilson said.

CHP horses quarantined after one found dead

SACRAMENTO, CA  - UC Davis pathologists performed tests to determine what caused the death of a mounting horse from the California Highway Patrol Mounting Unit.

Saturday, an officer discovered a horse named Jenny lying in a barn. The horse had just gone through training to work the streets with mounting patrols in downtown Sacramento. It had never been used for police work. 15 horses are being kept in quarantine in the same barn.

The animals will remain there until pathologists received test results about the dead horse.

"We took a horse for an autopsy. They couldn't find an immediate cause of death for that reason they have to quarantine all horses at our barn, "said CHP Lt. Rick Campbell.

The 15 horses are locked on site at Miller Park. Jenny, the horse that died, was considered part of the mounting patrol family.