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New book guides pet lovers in selecting and welcoming "Your Ideal Cat"

New book guides pet lovers in selecting and welcoming "Your Ideal Cat"


Cats may have nine lives but humans have only one. Before you decide to share yours with a cat, you might want to check out which breed- and gender-related behaviors are most likely to accompany your feline housemate, suggest two University of California, Davis, animal behaviorists in their new book “Your Ideal Cat.”

“The kitten you choose today will grow into the cat that could be your companion for the next 15 to 20 years,” said veterinarian Benjamin Hart, the book’s co-author and distinguished professor emeritus in the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. He noted that, all too often, kittens or adult cats are chosen because of appearance or happenstance, rather than according to the most compatible behavior traits.

Blind pug robbed by diabetes struggles for surgery

Blind pug robbed by diabetes struggles for surgery

SACRAMENTO, CA -- A Sacramento pug rescue group is reaching out to animal lovers in hopes of providing a much needed surgery for one of their precious pugs.  

Eight year-old Mija (Mee-ha) is a playful pug who loves to snuggle. She was rescued by PugSavers, a Northern California pug rescue group, after her owner, who loved her dearly couldn't afford special care for her diabetes. Mija's foster family has been taking great care of her until she finds her forever home, but recently her condition has worsened causing blindness in both of her eyes. 

It has been recommended by a specialist that both of Mija's eyes be removed to help with her diabetes and alleviate what has now become a painful condition.


Hero dog missing snout seems to have beaten cancer

Hero dog missing snout seems to have beaten cancer

DAVIS, Calif.

Homeless pet project needs donations for holiday gift baskets

Community members are invited to spread a little cheer this year by helping UC Davis volunteers fill holiday pet baskets for the four-legged companions of area homeless individuals.

A team of staff volunteers at the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital needs help with monetary donations to provide more than 130 holiday-wrapped boxes filled with toys, treats, leashes, food and other pet-care products to animals served at the Mercer Clinic in Sacramento.

Funds are especially needed to purchase pet coats and sweaters to help protect the animals from the wet and cold conditions they and their owners often encounter during the winter months.

“We’re running out of sweaters and coats this year so we are asking folks to please give what they can to help us to continue providing these much-needed items,” said Eileen Samitz, a clinical microbiologist, who uses vacation time annually to coordinate the gift basket program.

Dog saves 2 humans; team of humans help dog

DAVIS, CA - Kabang is on American soil looking for a miracle.

Much of her face was sheared off about a year ago in the Philippines after she threw herself in front of a motorcycle that was about hit her owner's daughter and niece.

The heroics to save the young girls have garnered her international fame from the Philippines to America.

"Wow! That just goes to show how much our pets love us unconditionally and will save us," Kabang's owner Becky Huls said.

The world-renowned UC Davis Veterinary Hospital is looking to see what they can do for the hero dog, brought to California by Kabang's vet in the Philippines, Anton Lim.

PHOTOS: Kabang gets checked out at UC Davis

While Kabang seems to be able to eat and do other normal things, a website raised the $20,000 needed for her flight and care.

Yolo County Animal Services Seeks Home for Illuminating Kitty

Yolo County Animal Services Seeks Home for Illuminating Kitty

The Yolo County Sheriff's Office, Animal Services Section, is searching for that special someone for "Ember", also known as Yolo County Animal Services Shelter ID number A110442.  "Ember" was found stranded atop a utility pole on Chaparral Way in West Sacramento.  Neighbors had seen this cat on top of the pole for days and were distraught by his plight but absolutely helpless to do anything.  Then along came Evan Cliff with PG&E to the rescue!  Evan cleared out his large tool belt and climbed up the utility pole very carefully, all the while wincing inside knowing this cat was within mere inches of being electrocuted or seconds away from jumping. When he got to the top he carefully picked up this scared feline, held him to his chest, then gently placed him in his tool belt for the climb down.  Miraculously this rescue went off without a hitch! 

UC Davis Horse Day

UC Davis Horse Day

More than 350 horse enthusiasts -- from hobbyists to breeders -- are expected to gather Oct. 13 at UC Davis to rub noses with equine experts from throughout the nation during Horse Day 2012 at the University of California, Davis.

The event, a UC Davis tradition for three decades, is designed to offer participants many hands-on opportunities. It will begin at 8 a.m. with registration and a welcome assembly in the Main Arena of UC Davis’ Cole Facility on La Rue Road. Participants will then depart to nearby venues for instructional sessions and demonstrations.

Topics for the day will include horse nutrition, emergency care, dentistry, shoeing, genetics and body conditioning.

Some of the most interactive opportunities will include draft-horse harnessing and driving, dissection of the gastrointestinal tract, and scoring of horses’ body condition.